In Your Mind's Eye, Moods of Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. Experience the park through landscape video and excerpts from the park’s logbooks, which date back to the 1970s. In Your Mind’s Eye offers an intimate take on what the park means to those who love it.
Tom and Daphne, who have worked in and enjoyed the Kokanee parks for most of their lives, go through the park’s logbooks, reading some of their favourite excerpts. Snowshoeing between Kokanee Glacier Cabin and the historic Slocan Chief Cabin, they give voice and feeling to the collective memory of the park, as it is recorded in logbook entries. A collaboration: Landscape footage was filmed by Petra through 2021 during her time as an ACC hut keeper and park operator at Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. Whitney Taylor shot additional footage and Sam Harrison did the sound. Petra continues to work in the park. This short film won the 1st prize at the 2022 North Valley Mountain Film Festival.


Submersive Fugue Immerse yourself in a winter composition of sound and image. Experience the beautiful Slocan Valley in British Columbia through Petra’s eyes and heart, accompanied by Noel Fudge’s soundscape. This short film won the 3rd prize at the North Valley Mountain Film Festival.

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